Woman is Work Made Possible, Ask Love!

Kiran Mae, 12/1/2018, depaciente.org

We are all woman! Ask your DNA perspective. Women have xx and a man has xy chromosomes; therefore, we are alone and the same in body, mind and Soul. Let’s see things thru the light we are seeing each other and the Earth at present. There is a competition on who really is God and, if there is a Godhead to call your own. Let’s be adventurous science investigators of our ancestry. There is“Glue” in space that both scientists and religious people call the Supreme Universal Life Force. It is afield of magnetic and gravity that energizes and re energizes life itself. That is the space between all of us not shown on Earth at plain sight. It has been called ether, Akash, field, and much more. What a vast universe you can find in all there is. What is within is without. Since you seem ready to listen, pay great attention, kid.

Love is four letters. It is the harmonizer of energy thru an opportunity for sustenance, persistence, new ideas and perspectives. This can be seen as an ideal concept of womanhood that, certainly, at present days can become the paradigm of the new world. There are few things we can learn to stay connected to this field of love for both, the feminine and the masculine divine in all of us beings living on Earth. 

In an interview few days back researchers and scientists Lynne Mc Taggart and Gregg Braden conversed about the attributes of a feminine divine woman living on Earth but with her heart connected to both the Earth, the Moon and the Stars. The qualities for a woman to guide herself towards her own empowerment, leadership and mission here and now are for a woman to be LOVE, because, love is love is love is love. And between Love and work and there is Lork, love to work for the sake of Love!

We can see this coming alive. As woman, we do business thru intuition, as we mention before. This is thru a direct connection or link to the energy field of the heart and its neurons. We are to develop this method at home first with our family. Having gathered enough certainty we can apply it to our corporate world, personal business or even military career. In the past we only copied the bad manners of men at work. We thought it was worth it the wait to an equal pay but they, men, forgot their promise to have us at their side not behind. This time is at our side or behind us supporting our wonderful efforts of bringing up a world of transparency, joy and sharing.

Leave that machoism and individualism behind. If men insist of using them, they will face its consequences of their own selfish interests and of women following them. Look at first world countries like Puerto Rico. Many criticized Argentina’s government for its lack of transparency and now we have way higher debt and a lack of principles. Remember that they are not as we that are in sync with our emotions and we feel all good, bad and ugly. We are the teachers of the fools. Embrace them, encourage being aware of the stupidity they are facing and actively be mindful of your actions and your true self will upraise, transform and improve intercommunication with others.

Epigenetics seems as the Goddess of the Self, the mind and the body of Consciousness. We already explained how we can change our own DNA structure.  We can make our system to go back to its original footprint. Change your attitude and lifestyle. Embrace in a new dimension your life. You are the Change. This Change cannot be stopped anymore. We are all responding differently to change; nevertheless, we are responding appropriately to change. Like E=mc2, we are to transform ourselves into a variety and great possibility of results.

When you change your attitude you change your possibilities and beliefs. Also your family and community also changes. It is an answer to Today’s challenge if you choose. A community based family or business will always stick strong and courageous because they are united. You are being supported by your own “inner circle”.

Dr. Amber Wolf

“Work is Love made possible”, this is what Dr. Amber Wolf responds to challenges of us on everyday life issues. We are to create an emotional anchor that is simple and meaningful. Our higher Self is unchangeable, our body is self-regulated and the neurons act upon it when we actively and consciously choose. What does means to be human? We have had the same human system for the last 200,000 years. The potentials are already in place. It is our capacity, our own will power. We all woman are to spark the wave of time and connect our heart beat with Gaia’s own heartbeat. The result will be a better heart rate and response to stress. There stands the resilience to change no matter what we face.

Not doing anything about will desync our bodies and environments. That’s how we forget our own natural way of being.  You can create and recreate the feeling of gratitude and compassionate action with others. It will give you an advanced brain state of consciousness similar to what we have seen on Tibetan monks. It is that simple to bring harmony on the brain and on the heart, resulting in synchronicity of the Self.

If you would like more information and participate on the next seminar with Dr. Wolf and Dr. Braden, click on https://amberwolfphd.com/upcoming-events

Dr. Amber Wolf is an international renowned teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive and channel. She is a producer of Kryon Discovery Series and presenter partner of Lee Carroll and creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars.

Kiran Mae is a Life Transformational Coach, love to soul surf until reaching possibilities and life is in harmony.

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